600 Grosser Mercedes, Comfort Hydraulics Filter Kit 1 (Early Style Tank Interiors, Filter mounted with Wing Nut), W100, Mercedes Benz 100-805-01-69

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This Filter Kit is for the Early Style FINGER TIP Hydraulic Tank replacing the original Mann H74 Fiter: Wing Nut mounted filter. The filter kit is replacing the old filter (H74) and provides an improved seal ring at the tank bottom and a new rubber seal grommet for the shaft.

Background: The original hydraulic filter Mann 74 is no longer available.
600AirSuspensionShop is offering a filter kit replacing the original filter.
There are two styles of kits available
Early style: Early tanks come with a wing nut mount for the filter,
Later style: Later tanks come with a wire handle mount for the filter

Please check your existing setup and make sure you order the correct kit.


Early W100, 600 Grosser Mercedes 


Replacement for Mercedes Benz part

A1008050169,  A100 805 01 69,  A100 805 0169,  A100-805-01-69,

A100-805 0169

1008050169,  100 805 01 69,  100 805 0169,  100-805-01-69, 


600 Air Suspension Shop Number : KH003

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