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The 600AirSuspension Shop

The 600AirSuspension Shop is a great asset for the Mercedes community making  parts available and helping to maintain these beautiful cars.  The Store is a complementary option for people and shops inclined to work on their cars.

600 AirSuspension started with air suspension and then took on the 600 hydraulic system and the  6.9 Hydraulic Suspension (all cars with the M100 (W100, W109 6.3 and W116 , 6.9)   and other cars around using the similar systems like W112/W109 (airsuspension) and W126 (HPF). Please visit the website here, for repair services.

You will find three sections in the shop you might be interested in and they are following the same sections you are familiar with from the main website.

Air Suspensions (LF)  of W112, W109 and W100 cars , LF =German for Luftfederung

Comfort Hydraulics (KH) of the W100s, KH= German for Komfort  Hyrdaulik

Hydro Pneumatic  Suspension ( HPF) of the W116, 6.9 and W126s , HPF= German for Hydro Pneumatische Federung

The parts offered are mostly hard to find items and reproductions according to the original specs.  There are also custom parts available or under way for pressure testing  purposes of the various system.

We are trying to enhance variety of parts offered and we recommend to order parts / work on your car only if you are familiar with the complexity and technical finesse of the systems.

You can still send units for rebuilding and we will be there for individual service and help.

Please note that the 600AirSuspension Shop has limited customer service as it is purely web bases. The Shop does not have the option to ask or tackle technical issues with your cars.

If you need individual help you can send units for rebuilding and get personal assistance.

Kindly, Martin Werminghausen

Lincoln, spring 2019