Pressure Gauge Set for analysis of the W100, W112 and W109 Air Suspension System

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The Gauge Set consists of 1 Schrader Valve (Mercedes Benz 112-320-06-58), 1 Seal Ring ( Mercedes Benz 002-997-85-45), 1 Schrader Valve elbow/extension,
1 Pressure gauge Hose and 1 Pressure Gauge. 
The elbow extension is used if space around the pressure switch is tight in some cars. 
The Pressure Gauge Set will be installed in W100, W109 and W112 in lieu of the Pressure Switch at the Main Valve for testing and analysis purposes. 
Installation: For installation of the pressure gauge set you drain all air at the bottom drain valve(s) at air tank, then you disconnect the electrical connector, and remove the pressure switch (27mm Socket) and install the new Schrader valve (14mm Socket). 
This is done in 5  minutes. 
The Gauge and hose can be disconnected (and connected) from the Schrader valve  without loosing support pressure, for test driving for example. 
The Gauge Set is very useful to properly analyze and repair the air suspension system . 
-  Test Pressure Loss in the Support Group (in order to find and fix leaks). 
-  Test the Health of the Air Compressor (Test is pressure rise 12-14 bar in max. 90 seconds for W112 and W109, max. 60 seconds for W100 at 2000 rpm engine speed). 

For detailed Testing Procedures of the Air Suspension see , Sherlock Tests:
600 Air Suspension Shop Number : LF034

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