HPF Pressure Gauge Set for Mercedes W116, 6.9 and W126 HPF1 and HPF2

600 Air Suspension Shop

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This Pressure Gauge Set was developed by 600Airsuspension for quick and reliable analysis of the HPF System.  The advantage of the Gauge Set is the simple connect and disconnect  of the gauge on the Pressure Regulator without pressure release (yes you need to release system pressure for initial installation but not after). 

The small hydraulic Test Port with the internal check valve will be on top of the Regulator. The Test Port and Banjo Fitting will be installed in lieu of the smaller top Allen screw (after system pressure release in  M- mode). The Test Port can stay in place for as long as you wish and you can connect/disconnect the gauge at any time. The hood can be closed with the Test Port in place. 

Please be careful with opening the 200 bar hydraulic system. Inform yourself about the steps to install the gauge and release all system oil pressure prior to removing the top Allen screw.

The Pressure Gauge is an invaluable friend for HPF System Analysis. You can simply see the system pressures and pressure differentials, check the health of the pump, check the nitrogen charge of the 5th sphere, monitor the cut- off pressure of the regulator and much more.


For more detailed information on the HPF System Analysis please read my article at 



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