Mercedes 600, Plastic Clip for 6mm flexible Air Line to Rear Level Control Line, A0009950168

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This is a 6mm/6mm Plastic Clip design that is used to attach the 6mm Flexible Air Line to the neighboring 6mm steel Air Line.

The MB parts uses a rubber pad. This parts fits straight in.

The Flex Line is supported half way between 2 metal brackets because the plastic line is not as stiff as a steel line . See pictures that illustrate the application.

This is a remanufactured/3D-printed part. Material: Black Carbon Fiber Reinforced High-Temperature Nylon is used for better durability and temperature resistance of the clip.

10 pieces of the clip are used in the 600 (SWB or LWB). 

[The original clip was white in color]

Mercedes Benz part number


A000 995 0168

A000 995 01 68


000 995 0168

000 995 01 68




600 Air Suspension Shop Number : LF059

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