Mercedes Benz Air Fitting M12 x 1.5, Standard 14mm Hex Fitting (without Filter)for all Air Suspension cars W112, W109 and W100, A1129971572

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This Standard Fitting with a 14mm Hex is very common in the air suspension cars. It has a standard outer thread M12x 1.5 , M12 x 1 inner thread. It is used in various components, for instance at Level Control Valves, Main Valve, Springs, Air tank, Pressure Regulator and more. Sometimes the original Fittings are corroded or damaged. This is the replacement part for the old fittings. 

You will also need the Rubber Seals for this Fitting, see LF011 and LF012.

Mercedes Benz part number


A112 997 1572 

A112 997 15 72  


112 997 1572 

112 997 15 72 




600 Air Suspension Shop Number : LF006

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