Mercedes Air Compressor Pulley Key, W112/W109/W100

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The key connects the pulley with the compressor shaft.  The key is the same in all air suspension compressors W112/W109/W100. 

Please read about air pump/compressor renovation in my 600AirSuspension article under


Fits Knorr Compressors Types

Type  I/26848 1a-Ausführung 1964 (W100, M100, 6.3 L) 

Type  I/33421 = LP1101 1b-Ausführung 1966  (W100, M100, 6.3 L) 

Type  I/34977 = LP1102 2.Ausführung  (W100, M100, 6.3 L) 

Type I/42409 = LP1111 - (W109.018, M100, 6.3L)

Type I/46818 = LP1113 – (W109, M116/117 engine 3.5L/4.5L)

 Type I/42134 = LP1110   (W109.015, M130,  2.8L)

Type  I/25141 = LP1004 (W112, M189, 3L)

Type  I/27635   (W112, M189, 3L)

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