Mercedes Benz Air Compressor Seal Ring, Oil Return 6-Cylinder Engine, W112/W109 with M189 and M130 engines, Mercedes Benz 000-997-23-41

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This  smaller Seal Ring is for all 6-cylinder engine cars with air suspension compressor. The seal ring is located at the bottom of the compressor housing.


W112 with M189,  6-cylinder engine

W109 with M189,  6-cylinder engine

W109 with M130,  6-cylinder engine


Mercedes Benz part

A0009972341, A000 997 23 41, A000 997 2341, A000-997-23-41, 


0009972341, 000 997 23 41, 000 997 2341, 000-997-23-41, 000-997-2341

600 Air Suspension Shop Number : LF018

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