Mercedes Benz Air Compressor Seal Ring, Rear Housing to Vickers PS pump, M100

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The seal ring is needed for the connection Air Compressor to Vickers Power Steering  Pump at the back of the compressor. The PS pump is driven by the compressor's crank shaft and requires a proper seal. 


W100/ 600 Grosser Mercedes (M100 engine, 6.3 Liter) 

W109.018 (M100 engine, 6.3 Liter)

W109.016 (M130 engine, 2.8Liter)

W109.015 (M189 engine, 3.0 Liter)

W112 (M189 engine, 3 Liter )


Knorr Compressors Types

Type  I/26848 1a-Ausführung 1964 (W100, M100, 6.3 L) 

Type  I/33421 = LP1101 1b-Ausführung 1966  (W100, M100, 6.3 L) 

Type  I/34977 = LP1102 2.Ausführung  (W100, M100, 6.3 L) 

Type I/42409 = LP1111 - (W109.018, M100, 6.3L)

Type I/42134 = LP1110   (W109.015, M130,  2.8L)

Type  I/25141 = LP1004 (W112, M189, 3L)

Type  I/27635   (W112, M189, 3L)

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