Mercedes Benz 600, Pressure Gauge Set for Shut-Off Valve, fits all Mercedes 600 Cars with Shut-Off Valve

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This Pressure Gauge Set is a robust and safe option to measure and monitor the accumulator charge and functionality of the system:  Check valves (pump and accumulator), pump problems or any inner system leaks in the unique Mercedes 600  hydraulic system. A Pressure Gauge is a must have for anyone analyzing the hydraulic system in order to identify a problem and find a faulty unit. 

The Pressure Gauge Set will be connected to the system at the car's Shut-Off Valve.  Most of the Mercedes 600 cars were delivered with the Shut-Off Valve (All car from Chassis Number 000381 on) . Only very early cars did not come with this Valve. 

The quality Flexible High Pressure Line (From Germany)  is 6'-6" long, enough to monitor the pressure inside the car during test driving (Gauge inside). The Set comes with a new pressure port retainer clip and an analog pressure gauge which together makes a robust set.  

The Shut-Off Valve is located in the engine bay, typically at the left side fender wall, see picture. 

The Shut-Off Valve has the knob at the top, a few few connecting lines  and a plug. 

The plug looks like a pin and this is the location for connecting the External Pressure Gauge set. The Plug of the Shut-Off Valve can be facing the front or the rear of the car. 

Before installation of the Gauge you MUST release all remaining hydraulic pressure Caution when opening the hydraulic circuit! The system can hold up to 0.7 liters of hydraulic oil  under up to 200 bars of pressure in the accumulator. High oil pressures can be dangerous. 

Please drain all oil/pressure before removing the pin of the Shut-Off valve by operating a window. With the engine shut off you can open and close a window until the window movement stops entirely. With no more piston movements the accumulator will be drained and you can remove the plug/pin and install the External Pressure Gauge set.

For removal please follow the same procedure. Drain the accumulator entirely-with the engine off- before disconnecting the Gauge Set after repair.  The Gauge Set can stay in place while test driving with the Line and Gauge secured (Tape or Zip ties). 

For further information about the Comfort Hydraulic system please ready my article on my repair website.




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