Mercedes Grosser 600, Dome Filter for Pressure Regulator, W100, Mercedes Benz 000 327 2925

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This is the dome shaped Filter that is located behind the Schrader Valve of the Mercedes 600 (W100) Pressure Regulator.  The Pressure Regulator is mounted on the Air Suspension Air Tank  receiving air pressure from the compressor and distributing the air to the  2 air chambers of the tank- one chamber for the air brake booster and one chamber for air suspension and air horn- .  The pressure regulator  has a couple of features , one of which is bypassing the engine driven air compressor and filling the system with an outside air source (shop air) through the Schrader valve. The air provided has to be filtered and therefore the Dome Filter is an important part. We see the old filters often damaged and they need replacement. 

The very same filter was used in the first generation Bosch Level Control Valves, VNB-A designations ( LF/VNB 3A2, 1A1 and 2A1) for the earliest W112 cars. Prior to that the filter was  used in the German Borgward cars with air suspension, see picture. The Dome Filters are located behind the Air Fittings and before the early mini bullet valves. 

In the later Valves  LF/VNB 3B2, 1B1 and 2B1) Bosch had the filters integrated in the bigger bullet valves (E and A) and the fitting (B- Port). 



Mercedes Benz Pressure Regulator 


A000 327 2925

A000 327 29 25


000 327 2925

000 327 29 25



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