Flex Hose W109.016, A-Port, Mercedes Benz A1099971082

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This is the  Hose  at the Axle Valve for the W109.016 (chassis number 8910 and after) and W109.15, the length is unknown so far, located at the junction to A- Port of left side VNC Axle Valve, see #35 in diagram. 

Note: This hose is most possibly longer than the one for one for the late W112 and  W109.015 (Part number xxxxx). We can build this hose but would need the length from your old hose. 

The new Flex Hose comes with new rubber hose and new fittings. The crimping is the original pattern MB used back then. 

Mercedes Benz part number


A109 997 1082

A109 997 10 82




109 997 1082

109 997 10 82



600 Air Suspension Shop Number : LF048

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