Pull Rod for W109.056/57, 3.5 and 4.5 engines, Front Left Axle, 140.5mm, Mercedes Benz A1123202089

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This Pull Rod  fits the Front Left Axle of the W109.056/57, 3.5 and 4.5 engines with 140.5mm rod length.

(Also this Pull Rod will fit the Front Right axle of the later W109.018, 6.3 engine (Chassis Number 004764 and later, please check chassis number or rod length of the car). 

For the Pull Rod you may also need  2 M6 Locking Nuts ( one RH and one LH thread nut), Mercedes Benz part numbers are 000934 006006 (RH) and 000934006012 (LH).

The old rods are often bent and threads corroded which makes is difficult to adjust the correct riding height. With new Pull Rods it is so much easier to adjust the correct riding height.  

Make sure that both Ball Joints and Locking Nuts are in good working order, threads are moving well and are lubricated. Bad Ball Joints and Locking nuts will need to be replaced. 

For correct height adjustment procedure see my article at www.600airsuspension.com 


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Mercedes Benz  Part Numbers


A112 320 2089

A112 320 20 89




112 320 2089

112 320 20 89



600 Air Suspension Shop Number : LF041

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